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Seat of the Amateur Film Club SAWA
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  • The Amateur Film Club SAWA was created in 1968; in the Warsaw Cultural Centre. Membership hardly changed in the 70s and 80s, but the members gave rise to a wealth of ideas - sometimes slightly crazy - which could be implemented in most cases. For instance, the Club organised in Spring a strange Festival featuring only flops. Such festivals stood in sharp contrast to all ther events where prizes are also awarded by a drawing of lots. The only duty imposed to the jury was justifying their evaluation. The favourite earnest Festival for the Club members was Festival Pol-8 in Polanica-Zdroj, where SAWA took care of the entertainement programme, with events such as "Sawa by night", including comments on entertainers and on the Club broadcast by Radio Free Europe.
  • But the activities of the Club were not exclusively pure fun; there was also an earnest side. It has published for today a Club newspaper entitled "Non Profi News" (12 years edition) now with internet edition. A gallery of oil paintings representing the portaits of the Club members was created by John Piechura. And the Club members also made by hand various pieces of equipment facilitating the tasks of film makers. During this period, 185 films were made and entered in national and international competitions. The most active members are: Leszek Boguszewski (34 films, 112 awards, including 30 at international level and UNICA Golden Medal in 1981 year), Aneta Gutkowska (34 awards) and Wojciech Czarnecki (22 awards).
  • The general scope of activities of the Club SAWA has been deeply changed with the advent of video technology. As it brought many young people to the Club, some of whom later on went to Lodz High School of Cinematography. Among the most active of them we should mention Aneta Gutkowska and Klaudiusz Kasprzak-Stylinski.
  • The Club was awarded the UNICA Year's Medal in 1993 and 1995 for these activities. In the past 34 years of its existence, the members of the Club have been rewarded for their work with 365 prizes, including 74 awards at international level.

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